David Haye WON’T go through with his promise to quit boxing when he turns 31 in October next year.

November 6, 2010

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion was ringside to see Haye humiliate Harrison in three of the most one-sided rounds you will ever witness.

He says WBA world champion Haye has too much to offer to walk away just as most heavyweights are reaching their prime.

Lewis said: “I honestly do not think David will quit when he says he intends to. He is in the perfect position to carry on and unify the division – which is his aim.

“David is the right age, has the right weight and the time is right for him with no other heavyweight coming close to what he can achieve.”

Haye wants to fight Klitschko brothers Wladimir, the IBF and WBO champion, and Vitali, the WBC title holder, to became the undisputed king just like Lewis.

But so far all talks for those fights to happen – the first early spring and the second around early October – have stalled over money.

The Klitschkos have been mocked for fighting second-rate opponents just like Harrison and are demanding the bigger share of money while Haye insists it is 50-50 or no deal.

Lewis, who stopped Vitali Klitschko in the last bout of his career, added: “David is right when he says the Klitschkos don’t have anywhere to go.

“They should eat a bit of humble pie and come to the negotiating table and be sensible about their cut.

“People are really tired of those two hand-picking old-time, overweight boxers who do not even deserve to share the same ring as them.

“Right now, you have to say the Klitschkos are the best heavyweights in the world – but only until David gets to them.

“David can whop them both, they have both been beaten before, they both have chinks in their armour and it only takes one shot. Haye has that big Hayemaker right-hand punch of his to do it.

“Haye definitely shouldn’t accept less money to fight the Klitschkos either. He should stand his ground.

“He should get half the money like he wants. I believe the Klitshckos will eventually come to the table and will humble themselves.

“The Klitshckos need Haye terribly. The last few fights for the Klitshckos have been terrible and they are fast losing a lot of respect around the world.”

Both Klitschkos would tower over Haye and outweigh him just like Harrison did. But Lewis reckons there is nothing to worry about as he explained: “Some are saying David isn’t big enough to be a true heavyweight and was outweighed by Audley at 18st but it breaks down to speed and power.

“With the hand speed David has, he is going to knock out people. He is one of the fastest I have seen, not only with his hands but his feet and his head movement, too.”

Harrison was put on the canvas in the third round by an answered barrage of 33 punches from Haye and it look as if he pulled out his gumshield while on the deck to buy some more time.

When he got off the floor, Haye steamed in with another seven blows, catching Harrison at will before referee Luis Pabon called off the bout.

Lewis said: “Audley, he didn’t get going at all. He did not show up. He was only able to land one jab, he did not take advantage of his attributes like his weight, height and reach and this is what can happen.

“Can Haye unify the division? Yes he can.”