Retirement Speech

Courtney Shand, my physical conditioner, has been my friend since I was fifteen years old. His total honesty and attention to the smallest details have been invaluable to me.


Prince Osei Poku, Patrick Drayton, Egerton Marcus, Ron Hepburn, Scott DeMercado, Kojo Amoafo, Joe Dunbar, Leigh McGinniss, and Dennis Lewis- all members of Team Lewis- were voices in my head that made me run a little further, bike a little faster, play chess a little better, and punch a little harder.


Arnie Boehm bought me my first headgear and gloves and, with Jerome “ Hook” McComb, began the task of training me at the Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Boxing Association when I was fifteen years old. Then I earned the right to represent my adoptive country of Canada at the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympic Games and was fortunate to have the guidance of Adrian Teodorescue as my coach.


Emmanuel Steward did as much for me as any trainer ever did for a boxer. There were times when Manny believed in me more than I believed in myself. It took his insight and clear coaching style to improve my raw abilities. I’m proud that our names will be linked forever.


Harold Knight is the left hand to Manny’s right and provided a different perspective that proved invaluable and instrumental in my becoming an even better boxer.


Adrian Ogun, Jerome Anderson and my management company, Sport Entertainment & Media Group, have offered important business guidance. And in addition to the members of Team Lewis whom I have highlighted here, there are many more people, who worked behind the scenes on my behalf and in support of my success.

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