Retirement Speech

Thank you to all the people who fight an uphill battle against heavy odds to make professional sports a better, fairer business. Too often, athletes are financially exploited by managers and promoters and victimized by the corruption that pervades their sport. Boxing needs more people with a commitment to the highest ethical standards. This is why I have decided to accept a Director position with Sport Entertainment & Media Group, my management company. Having been in the sport for much of my life, I think it’s important that I share my knowledge with young and experienced athletes.


I am proud to have been recognized as the best heavyweight of my time; a distinction which links me with great boxers like Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, and Larry Holmes. While I may be retiring from the ring, I will do my best to continue to live my life as a champion.


I am still a young man. Many exciting experiences await me. I look forward to seeing all of you in the months and years ahead. It is an honor to have been your heavyweight champions of the world.


Let the new era begin.


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