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Wilder v Ortiz: Youth versus Experience!

As I think about the Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz fight coming up, I think it provides an interesting take on the age old debate of youth versus experience.  Which will prevail?

Deontay comes with youth and plenty of energy and power while Ortiz comes into the fight with plenty of experience and skills, so the way I see it, I might give Deontay a slight advantage because of his size and speed, but I think Ortiz could be Deontay’s boogeyman because of his poise and experience.

Deontay had some good moments in his last fight against Stiverne. The combination that put Stiverne down was a textbook left jab followed by a straight right hand. This was one of the best combinations I’ve seen Deontay throw. However, after the first knockdown, in his excitement, Deontay’s technique went out the window and he came back with the windmill and wide punches to finish Stiverne off.

My concern for Deontay is that a experienced fighter with a solid chin and defense will exploit these lapses in fundamentals.

One of the other questions is “what happens when he gets hit? I mean like really HIT.  Can he compose himself? Does he know what to do when he’s hurt and can he recover? We all saw Anthony Joshua get up off the canvas to recover, and eventually stop Klitschko. It was a huge test for Joshua and he passed in flying colors. Deontay has yet to be tested in this manner, so there’s still a lot of questions in this area as well.

Ortiz can bang with either hand on the inside, which is where he must get in order to be effective.  He comes from a long legacy of Cuban fighters that have excelled as amateurs, and he now has the opportunity to become the first Cuban heavyweight champion. This kind of motivation can be much more powerful than what a pay day can provide. He’s fighting for legacy and country. His pedigree is very high. I don’t think he’s been as active as he should be, and he seems kind of soft around the middle body wise, but don’t let that fool you.

He’s a dangerous fighter with plenty of experience and I’m sure he’s pretty much seen everything there is to see in the ring.  If he were younger, I might give him the clear advantage in this one.

It should be an interesting fight, and if he shows up fully prepared, Ortiz could be the most dangerous fighter that Deontay has faced to date.  So we’ll see what happens when he wades out into the deeper pools of the heavyweight division. Does he sink or does he swim?

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